Pseudonaja textilis (Eastern Brown Snake)


Eastern Brown Snake is one of nine brown snake species found in Australia. Eastern Brown Snake is also found in PNG and Indonesia. Adults may be highly variable in colour. Whilst usually a uniform shade of brown, they can range from a very pale fawn colour through to black, including orange, silver, yellow and grey. The species may grow up to 1.8 metres.

Juveniles often have black heads with a bar behind the head, which distinguishes them from other local snakes with black heads. They may also bands down the rest of the body. The dark heads, bar and bands fade and disappear after the first year. 

Distribution: Very common throughout region.

Pseudonaja textilis is listed in the following regions:

Canberra & Southern Tablelands  |  Albury, Wodonga  |  South Coast  |  Greater Sydney  |  Hunter Region  |  Central West NSW  |  Riverina Murray  |  Loddon Mallee  |  Townsville

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black on top of head and neck with break in between

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