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Canberra Nature Map is a citizen science website on the NatureMapr platform. It is dedicated to the collection of knowledge on all species of animals, plants and other wildlife in the Canberra and Southern Tablelands region. It is a research and education tool provided free of charge to anyone from the general public and is sponsored and used by the ACT Government. It is valuable for the management of our nature reserves, our local fauna and flora as well as the conservation of rare or threatened species and the controlling of noxious weeds and pests. Volunteer experts provide identification of wildlife images and the locations of all sightings are mapped. Comprehensive species lists are provided for all categories of wildlife in our region, as well as for hundreds of places. There are over 6500 members on Canberra Nature Map. This community is being formed into a ParkCare group with the same name. This ParkCare group is being created to increase the effectiveness of the citizen science website and to enable greater opportunities for cooperation in on ground activitie

The members of Canberra Nature Map have had some very successfull meetings over the growing season of 2022-2023. New opportunities for increasing cooperative events and the effectiveness of the citizen science website are being explored.

A commitee has been elected to represent the community. They are:

Emma Collins, CNM moderator and commitee convenor - woyapp

Michael Mulvaney, NatureMapr administrator -  MichaelMulvaney

Michael Bedingfield, NatureMapr administrator - michaelb

Kim Pullen, CNM moderator - KimberiRP

Ian Baird, CNM moderator - ibaird

Stuart Harris, CNM moderator - Harrisi

Ciaran Ernst-Russell, CNM moderator - Tapirlord

Yumi Callaway, CNM moderator - YumiCallaway

Social Media

Helen Cross (HelenCross) and Matthew Frawley (MatthewFrawley) do the work to keep our activites on show on FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter.

Canberra Nature Map Newsletter

We publish a quarterly newsletter and the editor is Alison Milton (AlisonMilton).

The newsletters are available for download (pdf) at this page:

ParkCare Group

We are in the process of registering with the ACT Government to become a ParkCare Group. This is part of our plans to have more community activities and field days.

Conservation Council

We have joined the Conservation Council ACT Region to enhance our connection with Canberra's many environment groups.

ACT Landcare award for Citizen Science Award 2019

In 2019 CNM and Aaron Clausen's NatureMapr won the ACT Government Citizen Science Award, see announcement here:

Associated community groups

Other community groups that have been very involved with CNM and have made great contrbutions to its growth and management are the Canberra Ornithologists Group, ACT Herpetological Association, Friends of Grasslands and Australian Native Plant Society Canberra.

Research Projects

We have members doing research through the utilites of the CNM website. These are projects which are in place at the moment:-

Gang-gang movement study - sightings of identifiable birds, being done by Michael Mulvaney.

The Winter Pollinator Research Project, being undertaken by Roger Farrow.

Canberra Urban Biodiversity Surveys, supported by Emma Collins.

Also we have the Help us help our pollinators, being coordinatd by Meredith Cosgrove.

Dealing with Weeds - ACT Weeds Manual

Many CNM people are involved with weed management. A very useful online book is the ACT Weeds Manual, containing excellent photos taken mostly by CNM members. View or download your copy at this address:


Photos from Field Day & Tour of Southern Tablelands Ecosystem Park (STEP), 23 June 2023

Photos from the Field Day at Mt Taylor on 9 Oct. 2023, led by Ciaran Ernst-Russell (Tapirlord) and Matthew Frawley and the walk led by Ciaran to the summit of Sentry Box Mountain on 19 Nov. 2022.

The launch of the online book entitled "ACT Weeds Manual" on 31 Oct. 2023. This was a collaborative effort from a number of environment groups and Vera Kurz, shown holding the book, was the driving force. See note above on "Dealing with Weeds" to get your copy.

CNM member and moderator Stuart Harris (Harrisi), Su Rammohan and Amie Lording, and a new jumping spider. See Canberra Times article:


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