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The Bioblitz is a community event centred around re-discovering the mini life that occurs around us and takes place in Goorooyarroo Nature Reserve. People (over ten) can book via the Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary website, into guided discovery walks on butterflies, beetles, bugs, dragonflies, mo...

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Two new daisies for the ACT6 Oct 2020

Dr Michael Mulvaney on ABC Radio2 Oct 2020

Missing icons (major update in progress)25 Sep 2020

How to report a glitch24 Sep 2020

Great article by user on Naturemapr19 Sep 2020

Latest discussion

Username279 wrote:
1 hr ago
U reckon there’s going to be a bounty list? Somehow immune from photoshop, I dunno...

Platform update
DPRees125 wrote:
2 hrs ago
thanks for that...

Thelymitra brevifolia
AlexKirk wrote:
2 hrs ago
Hi, I think this could be Pseudognaphalium luteoalbum .. Jersey cudweed...

Gamochaeta americana (TBC)
ibaird wrote:
2 hrs ago
Moths of Victorias say A. lasiocamparia probably includes several differing but similar species. They also say the hindwings may be purplish grey...

Arhodia lasiocamparia
MattM wrote:
2 hrs ago
Without a clear image of the labellum I can't ID to species level....

Microtis sp.
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