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23 Mar 2019

Hi All, The mobile apps have been receiving some much needed attention lately. Please ensure you are running the very latest version on your device and if you are upgrading, remove any old versions of the app that you may have had previously installed. Many people that were experiencing issues had...

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Latest discussion

1 hr ago
The article on the Identification of Ectropsis species on the Part 7 cd suggests that for E. excursaria: Male antenna with short fine pectination...

Geometer moth (Geometridae) Ectropis sp. (genus) (An engrailed moth)
1 hr ago
Are the leaves aromatic when rubbed?...

1 hr ago Late draft fact sheet from my app...

ibaird wrote:
2 hrs ago
Great record! I haven't seen one in Canberra for over 40 years....

Honeyeater Anthochaera phrygia (Regent Honeyeater)
ibaird wrote:
2 hrs ago
Nice to have photos of the female and the male now on CNM....


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Latest significant sightings

HoneyeaterAnthochaera phrygia at Symonston, ACT by rawshorty

Other Water PlantGlossostigma elatinoides at Lower Cotter Catchment by RWPurdie

Intermediate sizeLalage tricolor at Wandiyali-Environa Conservation Area by Wandiyali

OrchidCorunastylis clivicola at Mount Majura by AaronClausen

GrassCenchrus macrourus at Stromlo, ACT by ACT Parks - Invasive Plants Supervisor

Other WildflowerSamolus valerandi at Molonglo River Park by JaneR

Intermediate sizeTurnix varius at Hughes, ACT by LisaH

Other Water PlantAlternanthera philoxeroides at Lake Burley Griffin West by RWPurdie

Monitor/GeckoVaranus rosenbergi at Mount Ainslie by Kym

Ferns and ClubmossesIsoetes muelleri at Lower Cotter Catchment by RWPurdie

Latest Identifications

jbromilow50 suggested Geometer moth (Geometridae) Ectropis sp. (genus) at Mount Ainslie

jbromilow50 suggested Geometer moth (Geometridae) Ectropis sp. (genus) at Mount Ainslie

jbromilow50 suggested Geometer moth (Geometridae) Ectropis sp. (genus) at Mount Ainslie

BettyDonWood suggested Other Wildflower Dysphania pumilio at Hughes Garran Woodland

BettyDonWood suggested Daisy Bidens subalternans at Tuggeranong DC, ACT

ibaird confirmed Pyralid or Snout Moth (Pyralidae & Crambidae) Tipanaea patulella at ANBG

ibaird confirmed Geometer moth (Geometridae) Ectropis sp. (genus) at Mount Ainslie

RyuCallaway confirmed Honeyeater Anthochaera phrygia at Symonston, ACT

RyuCallaway confirmed Small (Robin, Finch, Thornbill etc) Pardalotus punctatus at Isaacs Ridge and Nearby

ibaird confirmed Other moth Oenosandra boisduvalli at Illilanga & Baroona

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