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23 Feb 2021

Hi All, I just wanted to provide a brief update on what's happening with the platform. Continued improvements - platform is becoming very stable Over the past few weeks we have continued to deliver a few new improvements by way of new features, improvement of existing features and fixing of sever...

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Latest discussion

RogerF wrote:
1 hr ago
Michael, I think we can safely call it Ornebius sp...

Grylloidea (superfamily)
SimoneC wrote:
1 hr ago
Thanks, looks like a good match...

Lepidogryllus sp. (genus)
ibaird wrote:
1 hr ago
Nearest sighting on IiNat (D. Hobern) is at the same latitude as Canberra, but on the coast at Dolphin Point....

Imma acosma
DonFletcher wrote:
1 hr ago
Ililanga, sorry about converting your LE question to one about RG. The answer about LE is no....

Antechinus agilis
DonFletcher wrote:
1 hr ago
Hi Matthew. Antechinus and Dunnarts have very long pointed snouts compared to the stubby face of a mouse. Antechinus ears are a different shape t...

Antechinus agilis
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