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21 Feb 2024

Great, informative citizen science webinar from the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust (BCT) hosted by Joel Stibbard:NatureMapr received a fantastic shout out starting from about the 38:00 minute mar...

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20 Feb 2024

A Charm of Native Bees - an Art ExhibitionDid you know that there are over 2000 bees that are native to Australia? Although the most common bee we see around Canberra is the exotic European Honey Bee,...

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donhe wrote:
4 min ago
@AaronClausen : when I try to confirm a suggestion, why does it instead offer me to add a new species?

Ardozyga (genus)
kasiaaus wrote:
I hope someone can identify it to species. Even if the photos are not great they show the wasp quite well and, as you say, it is quite distinctive.

Pompilidae (family)
wombey wrote:
Since the revision, the local species is now quiritatus. The diagnostic feature is the dark scalloped dorsal pattern, not clearly shown here, even though you had it in your hand!

Litoria quiritatus
ibaird wrote:
I have not found a match for this specimen.

Tortricinae (subfamily)
WendyEM wrote:

Unidentified Insect

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