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12 Jun 2021

Hi All, We have had the fortunate opportunity to have a full team of developers (from my day job business - at3am IT) working laser focused on NatureMapr platform improvements and enhancements over the past few weeks - they will continue this right through to 30 Jun. NatureMapr enhancements are be...

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Moth Matchmakers Needed8 Jun 2021

Look out for Key's Matchstick Grasshopper13 Apr 2021

Research shows many benefits in being a citizen scientist1 Apr 2021

NatureMapr mobile app (outage and brand new version on the way)6 Mar 2021

Regular platform update23 Feb 2021

Latest discussion

KimPullen wrote:
23 min ago
A female....

Calolampra sp. (genus)
57 min ago
Not a butterfly egg but thanks for looking - sorry for the delay in looking at this...

Unidentified Insect (TBC)
kasiaaus wrote:
59 min ago
Could it be Lepidoscia adelopis?...

Aphomia baryptera (TBC)
1 hr ago
Possibly an Ischnotoma species of Crane Fly...

Unidentified True fly (Diptera) (TBC)
GlennCocking wrote:
3 hrs ago
The scale tuft isn't diagnostic. Many Tortricinae have it, eg Rupicolana orthias....

Cryptaspasma sordida (TBC)
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