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Here we've listed solutions to common issues and questions here.

Can I import my existing records from other platforms?

Yes, we can help you bulk import any existing records, sightings or observations you may have recorded on other platforms.

Records that are bulk imported into NatureMapr will need to be re-identified through our expert moderator workflow.

This ensures that the data meets the standards required by our downstream data partners and can be used to contribute to decision making.

Please contact us and we'll be able to assist.

Delete an unwanted Sighting (app):

Hold down on the sighting (Android) or swipe left (iOS) and the delete button will appear.

How to verify a record by a herbarium or collection institution

  1. Ensure you are a moderator of the category that the sighting belongs (only moderators of the given plant category have access to this function).
  2. Scroll to 'Identify this sighting' below photo.
  3. Choose the categories that the sighting best fits, for example 'Plants' and then 'Wattles.' This step also applies if you manually enter the scientific name.
  4. If you cannot find the species in the 'Select a local species..' dropdown menu select 'Can't find it' button.
  5. From the 'Select a global species..' dropdown menu, select the species that the sighting best fits.
  6. The 'Verify by' button will appear, select it, enter details and verify.

How do I cite NatureMapr media?

On the sighting page of interest, click the 'Media usage request' button to formally request the original author's permission.

If the author approves your request, images can be cited in the following format:

User: username, NatureMapr


User's full name, NatureMapr

Missing Geodata (photo location):

To ensure that your photo contains the appropriate geodata upload them to thisĀ EXIF viewer.

Still having issues?

If you're still experiencing issues please contact us.

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