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A fungus in this group has a fruitbody that is basically no more than a club or stalk in appearance.


There may some broadening centrally to give a spindle-like  look or the fruitbody may broaden towards the apex (but there is no well-differentiated cap).


In some the stalk may fork at the apex, but the fruitbodies lack the branching found in the coralloid fungi (


11 species

Calocera sp. (A stagshorn fungus)

Calocera sp.
Calocera sp.
Calocera sp.

Clavulinopsis corallinorosacea (Clavulinopsis corallinorosacea)

Cordyceps sp. (A Vegetable Caterpillar)

Cordyceps sp.
Cordyceps sp.
Cordyceps sp.

Drechmeria gunnii (Dark Vegetable Caterpillar)

Drechmeria gunnii
Drechmeria gunnii
Drechmeria gunnii

Geoglossum (Earth tongue)


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Clubs or stalks (maybe a forked or broader apex)

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