Clavulinopsis amoena (Yellow club)


The fruit body is generally a simple, untwisted, club-like growth (generally circular in cross-section but sometimes flattened) but sometimes the tip may be forked. It is yellow to orange and may grow to 10 centimetres tall and up to 5 millimetres in diameter.


The fruit bodies appear on soil, usually in groups (but not in tight clusters), in native woodlands or forests.




The fruit bodies of Ramariopsis depokensis (synonym: Clavulinopsis depokensis) and Ramariopsis fusiformis (synonym: Clavulinopsis fusiformis) are also club-like, yellow to orange and found on soil. Those of the former are commonly twisted (and flattened in cross-section) and those of the latter appear in tight clusters and develop brownish tips.


Calocera fruit bodies are often simple, yellow to orange stalks but they grow on wood.




P. & E. Grey. (2017). A little book of corals, Revision 2. Available at: See the illustrated entries for Clavulinopsis amoena, Clavulinopsis depokensis and Clavulinopsis fusiformis.


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