Nyssus coloripes (Spotted Ground Swift Spider)

Notes from Raven (2015) pp.133-135
  • highly variable and forms a complex of closely related "species".
  • occurs widely in Australia (including Tasmania) and has also been found in New Zealand (introduced) but not yet on Norfolk, Lord Howe Island or New Caledonia.
  • diurnally active (i.e. daytime) on the ground in open forest or in open spaces near closed forest.

Defining combination of characteristics: 

  • the distal half of femur through to the tarsus of leg I (often also leg II) is yellow, all other legs are dark brown or black.
  • typically, the carapace is orange brown with a narrow stripe of white hair medially and submarginally on each side.
  • the eyes are all of a similar size with the posterior row so strongly curved that the PME are in a separate row.
  • females:
    • have a small triangular scute anterodorsally on the abdomen;
    • anteriorly a rectangular medial band of white hair is followed by a pair of white spots, a chevron, a short hammerhead-shaped spot and a terminal spot;
    • laterally, an anterior large rectangle is closely followed by 3-4 white spots, none of which intrude on the ventral face;
    • the venter has a well-defined V of brown or darker brown.
  • male:
    • the dorsal abdominal scute on the male covers from one-third to half of the abdomen.
    • the pattern of dorsal abdomen of males may be quite reduced from females.

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