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Unidentified at suppressed - 6 Aug 2021
Unidentified at suppressed - 6 Aug 2021
Unidentified at suppressed - 6 Aug 2021
Unidentified at suppressed - 6 Aug 2021
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Thysanoptera (order) 9 Aug 2021 TimL
Unidentified 9 Aug 2021 TimL

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User's notes

Unsure what this is so I initially placed it under 'Beetles.' It now appears that it might be a Thrip. It was sighted on the side of a Eucalypt, adjacent to a Hopper, as seen in the final image. There was no interaction between the two insects.


Bron wrote:
   9 Aug 2021
Interesting Tim. A wild guess - perhaps a thrip?
TimL wrote:
   9 Aug 2021
Hi Bron. Possibly Thysanoptera?
Bron wrote:
   9 Aug 2021
Hi Tim
You could try
"All Thrips (Thysanoptera) sightings"
There's no obvious matching one there, but it's worth a try - I hope you can solve this one.

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  • 1 Abundance
  • 6 Aug 2021 01:12 PM Recorded on
  • TimL Recorded by

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  • Less than 5mm Animal size

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