Australopacifica subviridis (Greenish planarian)

A large planarianup to 160 mm crawling, with a convex back and flat belly. Dorsal ground colour is variable, from cream through to yellow, and may have a greenish tinge; ventral surface the same colour, possibly slightly paler. Dorsal stripe pattern is as follows: a broad median dorsal longitudinal stripe of ground colour, bordered on either side by bold dark brown to black stripes of about the same width, external to which are narrow stripes of ground colour that may be lightly stippled with grown pigment spots; external to these the ground colour extends to the margins and bears fine dark brown granulkes or striae aligned along the length of the body, rather like woodgrain. Small eyes contour the reddish-brown anterior tip, and cluster anterolaterally before continuing to the hind end in a single staggered marginal row. Mouth about mid body, gonopore nearer the mouth than the hind end. These planarians and their relatives are very sticky to handle. There can be some variability in the stripe pattern. Found around Paramatta, Camden, Seven hills, Hartley vale, Mullamuddy, and Guntawang. The classification in the ALA is in error. The species belongs to Caenoplana (based on examination of the Type specimen).

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Canberra & Southern Tablelands

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