Araneus circulissparsus (species group) (Speckled Orb-weaver)

Whyte & Anderson (2017, p.58): "The spiders here belong to a number of species in a large group. By appearance alone the ones depicted below could easily be either Araneus eburneiventris or Araneus circulissparsus. Araeneus eburneiventris is known from western Australia while Araneus circulissparsus is found in eastern Australia.
The Latin name eburneiventris most likely means like ivory on the underneath while circulissparsus means covered in white freckles.
It is not known how many species are in this group of similar spiders. Nor is it known how closely they are related to other similar species such as Araneus psittacinus and Araneus ginninderranus."
Bright green, often with speckled white spots. Variable abdominal pattern. In need of extensive revision!

Araneus circulissparsus (species group) is listed in the following regions:

Canberra & Southern Tablelands

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