Cyathea australis subsp. australis

Rough Tree Fern at Namadgi National Park

Cyathea australis subsp. australis at Namadgi National Park - 13 Feb 2024
Cyathea australis subsp. australis at Namadgi National Park - 13 Feb 2024
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Identification history

Cyathea australis subsp. australis 29 Mar 2024 Tapirlord
Dicksonia antarctica 29 Mar 2024 CarbonAI
Cyathea australis subsp. australis 29 Mar 2024 Tapirlord

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Significant sighting

Tapirlord noted:

29 Mar 2024

Rare in the ACT, adding to the list of locally uncommon fern species occurring at this site

User's notes

Only adds to the rare ferns found at this site


dcnicholls wrote:
   29 Mar 2024
They are not typical C. australis pinnae. I wonder what they are?
Tapirlord wrote:
   29 Mar 2024
How so David? Hypolepis or perhaps Calochlaena are possibilities at this site as well.
dcnicholls wrote:
   29 Mar 2024
No, it looks like a young Cyathea, but the pinnae are "pointier" (I don't know the correct botanical term... acuminate?) than normal C. australis pinnae. It would be helpful to look at the trunk (if it exists).
dcnicholls wrote:
   29 Mar 2024
I take that back. While some of the pinnules are more serrated than others, I think it's within the normal range of variation for C. aust. I took a careful look at the C. australis that planted itself in my garden (Merimbula) and it's not sufficiently different to be a concern. The Bendora Road area is certainly a fern hotspot. I came across a couple of examples of Asplenium trichomanes there many years ago.
Tapirlord wrote:
   30 Mar 2024
Ahh sweet, advice is appreciated as always! Wish I could grow grow Cyathea where I am!

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  • 1 Abundance
  • 13 Feb 2024 10:56 AM Recorded on
  • Tapirlord Recorded by

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  • 10cm to 30cm Plant height
  • False In flower

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