Agaricus 'xanthodermus group'

Amaroo, ACT

Agaricus 'xanthodermus group' at Amaroo, ACT - 4 Jan 2024
Agaricus 'xanthodermus group' at Amaroo, ACT - 4 Jan 2024
Agaricus 'xanthodermus group' at Amaroo, ACT - 4 Jan 2024
Agaricus 'xanthodermus group' at Amaroo, ACT - 4 Jan 2024
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Agaricus 'xanthodermus group' 4 Jan 2024 Csteele4
Agarics 4 Jan 2024 RichForshaw

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User's notes

Not exactly the right time of the year, but mushrooms are appearing under the pitostroms. Located a few yards as dron a birch treee and a number of of oaks. Welcoming any ID. And I dont eat mushy’s like this. Only the little fried ones with brekky lol.


Csteele4 wrote:
   4 Jan 2024
@RichForshaw these look potentially Agaricus, but for ID purposes we need to see the underside, and ideally the stipe (stem) and any annulus (skirt) as well. :)
RichForshaw wrote:
   4 Jan 2024
More pics taken. Looks kinda death cappy to me. I regularly get them here in winter. Seeing if I can add images now
Csteele4 wrote:
   4 Jan 2024
@RichForshaw thank you! I can see the similarity, and death caps (Amanita phalloides) have been spotted locally already this year (everything is topsy-turvy for fungi at the moment), but these are an Agaricus. The gregarious nature (heaps together) boxy top, and type of annulus make these likely to be something in section Xanthodermatei, so mildly toxic, but nothing so bad as a death cap! If you could, please pop these on iNaturalist as well? There is a researcher called Grace Boxshall who is studying Agaricus who keeps an eye on sightings there.
RichForshaw wrote:
   4 Jan 2024
Thanks for the Id. And I have now added to Inaturalist. Haven’t used it before so hope I got it right.
Csteele4 wrote:
   4 Jan 2024
I'll see if I can find your sighting and check it out.

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  • 4 - 15 Abundance
  • 4 Jan 2024 08:03 PM Recorded on
  • RichForshaw Recorded by

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  • Agaricus 'xanthodermus group' Scientific name
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  • Not Sensitive
  • Local native
  • Non-Invasive
  • 573.25m to 632.19m Recorded at altitude
  • Machine learning

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