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Agaric means mushroom, by which I mean a fungal fruit body that is fleshy, has a cap with gills on the underside and usually that cap sits atop a stem.  However, there are also stemless agarics.


I will use it as an interim pigeon-hole for those mushroom photos that show good detail but which have me puzzled for now. It seems a shame to discard such photos and I expect that, for at least some of them, it may be possible to offer a better identification in the future. Also included in this category are subjects that could belong to two (or, occasionally, more) genera, but where the visual information is insufficient to favour one over another.


Taxonomy or classification


Most of the subjects in these photos would belong to the Agaricales. Agaricales is an order, in the taxonomic sense, which makes it a higher level category than a family.


However some agarics are closely related to boletes and so the subjects of some photos might belong to the Boletales.  


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Agarics at Kowen, ACT - 16 May 2021 by CanberraFungiGroup
Agarics at Kowen, ACT - 16 May 2021 by CanberraFungiGroup

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Species information

  • Agarics Scientific name
  • Common name
  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive
  • 0m to 165.12m Recorded at altitude
  • Machine learning

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