Chlorocoma (genus)

Emerald moth at Russell, ACT

Chlorocoma (genus) at Russell, ACT - 25 Sep 2023
Chlorocoma (genus) at Russell, ACT - 25 Sep 2023
Chlorocoma (genus) at Russell, ACT - 25 Sep 2023
Chlorocoma (genus) at Russell, ACT - 25 Sep 2023
Chlorocoma (genus) at Russell, ACT - 25 Sep 2023
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Chlorocoma (genus) 26 Sep 2023 donhe
Chlorocoma (genus) 25 Sep 2023 Hejor1

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User's notes

These may be 2 separate species. Stripey is holding onto spotty. Spotty is a slightly different colour, a bit shorter and rounder, large obvious spots. Stripey is thinner, very clear 2 horns, more obvious bands and stripes. 1 MONTH UPDATE: stripe unfortunately didn’t make it, but spot seems ok. Updated pics.


donhe wrote:
   26 Sep 2023
Interesting: hope you can rear them separately to see whether the adults are different species.
Hejor1 wrote:
   28 Oct 2023
@donhe - updated.
AaronClausen wrote:
   18 Nov 2023
HI @Hejor1 - could you please check and edit the location of this sighting.
donhe wrote:
   18 Nov 2023
I think the dark marks are locations of internal parasitoid larvae, probably from Tachinidae . Did a white grub emerge from Stripey before he died?

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  • 2 Abundance
  • 25 Sep 2023 05:43 PM Recorded on
  • Hejor1 Recorded by

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