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Hemibela (genus)

6 A Concealer moth at suppressed

Hemibela (genus) at suppressed - 28 Aug 2022
Hemibela (genus) at suppressed - 28 Aug 2022
Hemibela (genus) at suppressed - 28 Aug 2022
Hemibela (genus) at suppressed - 28 Aug 2022
Hemibela (genus) at suppressed - 28 Aug 2022
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Identification history

Hemibela (genus) 30 Aug 2022 donhe
Hemibela (genus) 29 Aug 2022 ibaird
Psychidae (family) IMMATURE 29 Aug 2022 MichaelMulvaney
Unidentified 28 Aug 2022 camcols

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User's notes

Found this tiny vertical hollow 'stick' sitting on a rock in dry sclerophyll forest. The creature inside was initially right up at the surface of the hole but retreated when disturbed. Could this be some sort of case moth or bagworm, or something entirely different? We were confused by all the leg-like things around the circumference of the disc.


Boagshoags wrote:
   29 Aug 2022
Could it be a pipe casemoth?
camcols wrote:
   29 Aug 2022
We checked on it again this morning and it had moved about 10cm and is now sitting horizontally on the side of the same rock. After much internetting, we're wondering if this might be a concealer moth, Hemibela sp. (OECOPHORIDAE).
HelenCross wrote:
   29 Aug 2022
That is very cool!
ibaird wrote:
   29 Aug 2022
I think a Hemebela (genus) concealer moth pupal case is quite likely, althoigh I have not found a similar close up which shows the fine structure as this first photo shows. See on Lepidoptera Butterfly House:-
donhe wrote:
   30 Aug 2022
Need to take it into protective custody to get the moth to be sure.
Boagshoags wrote:
   30 Aug 2022
Interesting you found it on a rock, because everything else I’ve read says they feed on eucalypt or Myrtaceae. Was there lichen on the rock?
camcols wrote:
   30 Aug 2022
There wasn't any obvious lichen on the rock (just uploaded an additional photo). We won't be able to get back to the location until Thurs but we'll have another look for it then.
camcols wrote:
   1 Sep 2022
we went back and found it again today. new sighting uploaded here: Hemibela (genus) (A Concealer moth)

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Species information

  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

Sighting information

  • 1 Abundance
  • 28 Aug 2022 11:10 AM Recorded on
  • camcols Recorded by

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  • 5mm to 12mm Animal size
  • Unknown Gender

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