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Unidentified at suppressed - 12 Nov 2018
Unidentified at suppressed - 12 Nov 2018
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Barea (genus) 21 Jul 2021 donhe
Unidentified 19 Jul 2021 Bron

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donhe wrote:
   21 Jul 2021
What is the difference between "Barea (genus)" and "Barea sp." on CNM?
michaelb wrote:
   21 Jul 2021
Barea sp. is a duplicate entry on the dropdowns & hopefully will be removed soon. Stay with Barea (genus).
   21 Jul 2021
Yes, "Barea sp" should not be used. Using Barea as an example, the general situation is as follows. "Barea (genus)" is for records that we can't identify to species level, but believe they are a species of the Barea genus. There will often a a number of different species placed under that heading. "Barea undescribed species" is for a group of records we believe are all are the same species, but one that has not been described and given a name. When there is more than one such undescribed species in the same genus, we have to resort to artificial names like the longstanding and well known "Philobota undescribed species near arabella", or "Philobota mathematica group undescribed species", even "Proteuxoa provisional species 1" (and 2,3,4,5). There are many such undescribed species in the moths. I have in the past spent a fair bit of time regularising such names in different parts of the moth taxonomy, but new "Genus sp" keep being created.
Bron wrote:
   21 Jul 2021
Thanks Glenn, very instructive.
kasiaaus wrote:
   22 Jul 2021
Good to know Glenn.

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Sighting information

  • 1 - 3 Abundance
  • 12 Nov 2018 09:03 AM Recorded on
  • Bron Recorded by

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  • 12mm to 25mm Animal size

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