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Diplodium decurvum

1 Summer greenhood at Namadgi National Park

Diplodium decurvum at Namadgi National Park - 26 Jan 2021
Diplodium decurvum at Namadgi National Park - 26 Jan 2021
Diplodium decurvum at Namadgi National Park - 26 Jan 2021
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Diplodium decurvum 1 Feb 2021 CathB
Diplodium aestivum 27 Jan 2021 shoko

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CathB wrote:
   29 Jan 2021
Or possibly D. decurvum? The labellum doesn't look very curved and the base of the flower is fairly straight, not bulging.
shoko wrote:
   29 Jan 2021
Thanks for your suggestion Cath. I thought that the flowers were much bigger than the usual decurvum, I should've taken a photo with a size indicator. But your observation on the base of the flower and labellum do fit with decurvum. Are they known to form small colonies? There were about eight plants in the one patch, two in another. I've only seen them solitary previously.
CathB wrote:
   29 Jan 2021
Hi Shoko. Orchids of the ACT mentions decurvum growing in small groups and Wild Orchids of Victoria talks about extensive colonies! I can't comment on the size, but perhaps plants might grow a bit larger in this season's mild and wetter conditions?
shoko wrote:
   29 Jan 2021
Yes perhaps some would be larger with a favourable season. I'm happy with your suggestion Cath, thanks!
MattM wrote:
   29 Jan 2021
They seem to form much smaller flowering colonies than the other greenhoods, but I have seen a few colonies with several flowering plants.
shoko wrote:
   29 Jan 2021
Thanks for your comment Matt, I guess I've seen my first colony of happy decurvums now :)
DerekC wrote:
   1 Feb 2021
I believe these are D. decurvum as the labellum is not prominent or curved enough for D. aestivum. I am seeing considerable size difference in this species this year. Some quite tall with others much shorter.
shoko wrote:
   1 Feb 2021
Thanks for your comments Derek, good to know you've been seeing variation in size with this species.

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  • 4 - 15 Abundance
  • 26 Jan 2021 04:28 PM Recorded on
  • shoko Recorded by

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