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Accipiter cirrocephalus

2 Collared Sparrowhawk at suppressed

Accipiter cirrocephalus at suppressed - 4 Oct 2019
Accipiter cirrocephalus at suppressed - 4 Oct 2019
Accipiter cirrocephalus at suppressed - 4 Oct 2019
Accipiter cirrocephalus at suppressed - 4 Oct 2019
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Identification history

Accipiter cirrocephalus 4 Oct 2019 natureguy
Accipiter cirrocephalus 4 Oct 2019 RyuCallaway
Accipiter fasciatus 4 Oct 2019 LisaH

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Author's notes

I followed this bird's chirrruping, took some photos, and then as I moved away was swooped . . . three times. A bit scary!


   4 Oct 2019
Tail seems sparrowhawk
natureguy wrote:
   5 Oct 2019
I agree with Sparrowhawk. The tail and facial expression seem to fit better than with Goshawk. Also very long middle toe.
LisaH wrote:
   5 Oct 2019
Thank you! This was in the same area that I'd posted photos of brown goshawks. I'm wondering now whether they are the same birds? Sorry for the confusion.
   5 Oct 2019
I haven't previously come across comments about sparrowhawks swooping even though I've heard it about goshawks. Had a quick look in Morcombe which only mentions swooping for goshawk. That said there's probably no reason sparrowhawks shouldn't.

As for past sightings, there's no reason why both can't occur as both species aren't too uncommon, though probably wouldn't tolerate the other in the area while breeding. Sighting 4234606 looks very much like Brown goshawk from the tail, but not sure about 4235616. I don't know if there's potential to mis-ID from moult if you use the tail for ID, in which case photos of both birds in the pair could be helpful if they are resident and breeding.

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Species information

  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

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  • 1 Abundance
  • 4 Oct 2019 01:30 PM Recorded on
  • LisaH Recorded by

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