Philobota protecta

A concealer moth at O'Connor, ACT

Philobota protecta at O'Connor, ACT - 9 Sep 2018
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Philobota protecta 12 Oct 2018 ibaird
Philobota protecta 12 Oct 2018 GlennCocking
Philobota mathematica group undescribed species. 5 Oct 2018 GlennCocking
Philobota (genus) 5 Oct 2018 PeteWoodall

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User's notes

at lights, 0704


donhe wrote:
   6 Oct 2018
It looks quite like Philobota hypocausta (P. hydara group).
GlennCocking wrote:
   10 Oct 2018
Do you think there is a small mark running from the costa of the forewing just short of the apex, at about 45 degrees inwards and backwards towards the base? I did not notice this when I proposed P. mathmatica grp sp which does not have such a mark. Looking again, I think it is there, and the identification is most likely P. protecta which has a variable such mark ranging from distinct to almost absent. P. protecta is common on the southern tablelands and is quite yellow. ANIC has only a dozen or so P. hypocausta, all from western Victoria and South Australia (consistent with ALA records). It is smaller (which doesn't help identify the photo), and greyer.

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  • 1 - 3 Abundance
  • 9 Sep 2018 09:14 PM Recorded on
  • PeteWoodall Recorded by

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