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Litoria aurea

Green and Golden Bell Frog at Gungahlin, ACT

Litoria aurea at Gungahlin, ACT - 16 Jan 1976
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Identification history

Litoria aurea 21 Mar 2016 wombey

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Significant sighting

22 Mar 2016

The Green and Golden Bell Frog is believed to be extinct in the ACT, this would have been one of the last records of the species. It has a very distinctive call and perhaps the optimists amongst us can keep our ears open for it

Author's notes



NathanaelC wrote:
   29 Mar 2016
So is this an old photo? EDIT: Never mind, just saw the "Recorded on" field on the right indicating 1976.
wombey wrote:
   29 Mar 2016
Yes, I have a large collection of slides dating back at least to 1976 which I am down loading as historical records, a few more to go yet but nearly finished!
AnkeMaria wrote:
   29 Mar 2016
wow, just makes it so clear how much we have lost!! Such a beautiful frog- lets hope we can see the re-expansion of its range in the next decade!!

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Location information

Species information

  • Sensitive
  • Very Rare / Threatened
  • Non-Invasive

Sighting information

  • 1 Abundance
  • 16 Jan 1976 12:00 AM Recorded on
  • wombey Recorded by
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