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SnakeAustrelaps ramsayi

1 Highlands Copperhead at Kosciuszko National Park

3 images

Austrelaps ramsayi at Kosciuszko National Park - 11 Mar 2018
Austrelaps ramsayi at Kosciuszko National Park - 11 Mar 2018
Austrelaps ramsayi at Kosciuszko National Park - 11 Mar 2018

Identification history

Snake Austrelaps ramsayi 5 Oct 2018 MichaelMulvaney
Snake Austrelaps ramsayi 19 Jun 2018 Patrick Campbell
Snake Pseudechis porphyriacus 4 Apr 2018 wombey
Unidentified 3 Apr 2018 George

Author's notes

Observation by Kelly Mullen - very unperturbed by human activity held observers hostage in hut


wombey wrote:
   4 Apr 2018
It looks like a Red -bellied Black in the process of sloughing. Any other thoughts or ids before we sign off on this?
WillO wrote:
   4 Apr 2018
Given the location John I was thinking another possibility is Highlands Copperhead (perhaps shedding as well) . I hadnt realised that RBB snakes can get that light brown colour when shedding. I guess it is down to three possibilities - RBBS, Tiger Snake (head not the right shape?) or Highlands Copper head. Body shape not right (too stocky?) for Eastern Brown Snake. I wonder if the photographer has another photograph they can send us or add.
wombey wrote:
   5 Apr 2018
All of the above worried me too. I think the misleading colour could be a result of light tricks given the skin is starting to lift. If I saw only the head I would have had to say RBB but I agree, if the photographer has other images, please submit them, especially if of different angles. None of the other likely suspects really fit even with the odd dorsal colour here. In the absence of other images I am still inclined to RBB.
George wrote:
   5 Apr 2018
Hi all
am seeking another photo to help with Id and special hi to Will :0
Kathy (eyles)
michaelb wrote:
   13 Apr 2018
Re your question "How do I add 2 more images as requested by moderators - it wasn't obvious on the edit page (no button)":
After clicking on Edit, slide the images from your desktop into the upper rectangle.
   20 Jun 2018
I reckon this is a Highlands Copperhead (Austrelaps ramsayi).
Reasons being, the relatively small head is distinctly different in colour to the body colouration i.e slatey-grey head distinct from brown dorsum, separated by a yellowish collar, which you won't find in Pseudechis porphyriacus. The yellow flanks visible in the photo is also a distinguishing feature of A. ramsayi, along with indications of black edging to the pale yellow lateral scales. Whereas, RBB's never have pale yellow flanks.
I can only count about 15 mid-body scale rows, which is the usual number for Copperheads, as opposed to 17 for Red-bellies.

Whereabouts is the location given, as Willo mentions "given the locality" but I can't see it anywhere?

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Location information

Species information

  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

Sighting information

  • 1 Abundance
  • 11 Mar 2018 11:09 AM Recorded on
  • George Recorded by
  • Website Reported via
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