Monitoring Insect Pollinators at Justice Robert Hope Reserve (JRH)

5 species confirmed

Monitoring Insect Pollinators at Justice Robert Hope Reserve (JRH) - 10 Nov 2023
Monitoring Insect Pollinators at Justice Robert Hope Reserve (JRH) - 10 Nov 2023
Monitoring Insect Pollinators at Justice Robert Hope Reserve (JRH) - 10 Nov 2023
Monitoring Insect Pollinators at Justice Robert Hope Reserve (JRH) - 10 Nov 2023
Monitoring Insect Pollinators at Justice Robert Hope Reserve (JRH) - 10 Nov 2023
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Identification history

Eurys sp. (genus) 4 - 15 28 Nov 2023
Lasioglossum sp. (genus) 16 - 100 10 Nov 2023
Syrphidae (family) 16 - 100 10 Nov 2023
Tebenna micalis 4 - 15 10 Nov 2023
Agonoscelis rutila 1 - 3 10 Nov 2023
Eurys sp. (genus) 4 - 15 12 Nov 2023

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User's notes

Start time 11:05 End time 12:55 when temperature was 26. Will add further photos of these 5 to improve chances of identification. Also will add further photos of other insects and later edit this to indicate their CNM numbers. Butterflies: skippers x 3, brown and orange x 3 on sticky everlastings, 1 black with white markings on Hirschfeldia incana, 1 white on St John's wort Bees: more native bees, possibly different species, and European honey bees Moths: one white moth on horehound Flies: fruit flies at least 2 types Beetles: mainly pintails


abread111 wrote:
   10 Nov 2023
I did not mean to confirm all of these! Only the last two ...the Tebenna and the Agonoscelis (Order changed when I added RogerF's identification of the sawfly.
I find I can act as a moderator for this site as I am a location moderator for Watson.
I cannot do the same for CPG.
RogerF wrote:
   12 Nov 2023
First picture is a sawfly Euryninae
Third picture is Melangyna
Agonoscelis is not a pollinator
abread111 wrote:
   12 Nov 2023
Thanks Roger! Maybe any insect visiting flowers could be an accidental pollinator.
RogerF wrote:
   12 Nov 2023
There is a distinction between regular flower visitors that are searching for a reward (or are deceived) and that pick up pollen grains or pollinia, and other visitors that are not looking for the reward and rarely pick up pollen grains and are not regularly moving from flower to flower. A number of predators use flowers as a place to catch visiting prey, such as crab spiders, assasin bugs and robber flies but would not be considered pollinators. I don't believe we should broaden our definitions of what a pollinator is.
abread111 wrote:
   12 Nov 2023
Well, when I am looking at insects on flowers, I don't know in which category they are considered to be, so I will photograph everything I see if I can do so, but I will exclude ants if I recognise them as ants and I will exclude spiders - as requested in the pollinator survey guidelines. I leave it up to insect moderators to identify if it is an assassin bug or robber fly.
EmmaCollins wrote:
   13 Nov 2023
@abread111 Great work on these photos! As you've mentioned, someone will disregard any observations that are not of pollinators at a later stage. Also, feel free to put all species records through as sightings from now on if you're happy to, we've realised that this will make moderation slightly easier and allows 5 photos for each individual.
abread111 wrote:
   28 Nov 2023
Confirmed species with sighting id numbers:
4526340 Eurys sp. - see above
4526537 Tebenna micalis - see above
4526476, 4526334, 4526355
4526358 see also above Lasioglossum (Chilalictus) lanarium

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Location information

Location information

Survey information

  • 10 Nov 2023 12:38 PM Recorded on
  • abread111 Recorded by

Additional information

  • 22 Temperature (C)
  • 2 Bees
  • 0 Wasps
  • 4 Butterflies
  • 1 Moths
  • 2 Beetles
  • 4 Flies
  • 0 Hover flies
  • 0 Bee flies
  • No clouds Cloud cover
  • Light breeze (1 - 5 km/h) Wind
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