Chrysolarentia bichromata (Two-toned Carpet)

Chrysolarentia heteroleuca, C. bichromata and C. cataphaea are three similar dark brown forewinged moths that have been recorded in the ACT highlands.  The larger Chrysolarentia opipara has been recorded in nearby NSW southern highlands, and another larger but unnamed species has been recorded on the coast and nearby ranges.    (There are also some other similar unnamed species in south eastern Australia.)

Chrysolarentia heteroleuca, C. bichromata and the unnamed species  each have bright orange hindwings that are patterned dark brown along the inner margin and the inside half of the termen.  The wings of live moths are usually held sufficiently closed that that the orange part of the hindwing shows only narrowly if at all.  Chrysolarentia cataphaea is the only one to have an almost uniform darkish brown hindwing, and the C. opipara hindwing is intermediate between C. cataphaea and the others.

C. heteroleuca is the only one to have silver/whites spots or band on the forewing of most specimens.  Specimens without these marks (usually females) are difficult to differentiate from the other species, especially in photos.  (Chrysolarentia phaedra from the coast and nearby ranges also has silver/white markings on the forewings, but the hindwings are plain light orange with minor dark marks near the tornus.)

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