Australomisidia pilula (Lozenge-shaped Flower Spider)

Family: Thomisidae

In Whyte & Anderson's Field Guide to Spiders of Australia (p. 354), it is described as "Common in southern parts of Australia including TAS in all types of woodland."

Further Resources:

Anderson, G.J., Whyte, R. (2017). A Field Guide to Spiders of Australia [online]

^p.354 top right has a coloured photo of the female for those with a hard copy.

Szymkowiak, PaweĊ‚. 2014. Revision of Australian Species of the Genus Diaea (Araneae: Thomisidae) with Redefinition of Their Taxonomic Status. [online]

World Spider Catalog. 2020. Taxon DetailsAustralomisidia pilula (L. Koch, 1867). [online]


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Australomisidia pilula is listed in the following regions:

Canberra & Southern Tablelands

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