Papyrius sp. (genus)

A Coconut Ant at Callum Brae

Papyrius sp. (genus) at Callum Brae - 22 May 2024
Papyrius sp. (genus) at Callum Brae - 22 May 2024
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Identification history

Papyrius sp. (genus) 24 May 2024 AlisonMilton
Papyrius nitidus 22 May 2024 CarbonAI
Papyrius nitidus 22 May 2024 Mike

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User's notes

At least five active nests in nearby stumps and logs.


Mike wrote:
   22 May 2024
Would you simply call this a super-colony?
   23 May 2024
Yes - but given the extent of this ant in Callum Brae it is difficult to say where one colony begins and the next one ends
JonLewis wrote:
   24 May 2024
Hi Alison, it would be great if you can change the final ID to Papyrius sp. as we can’t be sure even which of the two local species it is. Cheers, Jon
AlisonMilton wrote:
   24 May 2024
@Jon. Done. Do you still want all coconut ants under the generic?
JonLewis wrote:
   24 May 2024
Yes, probably best. Thanks Alison. Jon
Mike wrote:
   24 May 2024
I suggested Papyrius nitidus to retain link with the earliest sightings at this spot. The coconut ant report for the proposed crematorium site between Callum Brae and Mugga Mugga ENVIRONMENTALREPORT-202138789-S144G-02.pdf ( used records only for P. nitidus not the generics; it probably didn't matter much because I don't think it accounted for multiple sightings of the same nest, which produces the larger error in the number of nests.
JonLewis wrote:
   25 May 2024
Thanks Mike.

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  • 4 - 15 Abundance
  • 22 May 2024 02:23 PM Recorded on
  • Mike Recorded by

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  • Less than 5mm Animal size
  • False Pollinator Insect on Flower

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