Acmosara (genus)

2 A Tortricid moth (Tortricinae) at suppressed

Acmosara (genus) at suppressed - 14 May 2024
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Identification history

Acmosara (genus) 17 May 2024 donhe
Acmosara (genus) 17 May 2024 ibaird
Acmosara 17 May 2024 donhe
Acmosara polyxena 16 May 2024 ibaird
Hyperxena (genus) 15 May 2024 ibaird
Unidentified 15 May 2024 DianneClarke

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User's notes

Hyperxena sp. The "can't find" option has disappered again.


ibaird wrote:
   15 May 2024
A new genus for NatureMapr's Canberra and Southern Tablemands region if and whenconformend. Not sure whixh of two species this may be. Known to occur in southern Australia. Fine photo.
DianneClarke wrote:
   15 May 2024
Interesting to see where this one belongs. BOLD has it a Plutellidae rather than Tortric.
WendyEM wrote:
   15 May 2024
Yes, excellent photo. I get similar moth, but it holds palps differently. I have called mine Acmosara polyxena. Different sites place mine in various families too. I will try to post some e.g. - my internet probs allowing.
donhe wrote:
   15 May 2024
In Heliocosma Group, suspected of being a new family Heliocosmidae in Tortricoidea.
ibaird wrote:
   16 May 2024
The Australian Faunal Directory and the ALA assign this species to no group but to Torticidae which I agree is where we should place it according to our agreed policy: ie. follow the AFD. I have deleted Hyperxena (genus) from the Canberra and Southern Tablelands taxonomy.
WendyEM wrote:
   16 May 2024
It would be helpful to have more museum images of these 2 sp. CSIRO has another specimen of Hyperxena sp
these specimens don't show the dark spot on the moths 'back' which MIGHT separate these 2 possible IDs
ibaird wrote:
   16 May 2024
Yes, I agree, The Moths On line image is hardly definitive compared with the growing number of similiar Acmosara (genus) species now visible online photographed from life.
WendyEM wrote:
   16 May 2024
see 2nd petermcq comment here We almost need a specific inverted commas type symbol (e.g. superscript moth symbols) to add to IDs to indicate - OK not sure of ID but until the work is done (by the taxonomists) let's group similar looking ones under this name
donhe wrote:
   17 May 2024
I think "Acmosara (genus)" would do for that ?

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  • 14 May 2024 07:20 PM Recorded on
  • DianneClarke Recorded by

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