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Vombatus ursinus

4 Common wombat, Bare-nosed Wombat at Wright, ACT

Vombatus ursinus at Wright, ACT - 12 Sep 2023
Vombatus ursinus at Wright, ACT - 12 Sep 2023
Vombatus ursinus at Wright, ACT - 12 Sep 2023
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Vombatus ursinus 12 Sep 2023 CarbonAI
Vombatus ursinus 12 Sep 2023 JimL

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User's notes

This one has been hanging around this intersection for over a week.


   12 Sep 2023
Sort of sad. When you scroll out on Google Maps, it's just open grassy woodland, like it would have been for a very long time and so not surprising that this animal is grazing in areas it's ancestors would have lived for thousands of years.
AndyRoo wrote:
   13 Sep 2023
Yes, sad indeed.
Untidy wrote:
   13 Sep 2023
This is distressing.
   13 Sep 2023
For at least a few decades there were no wombats in the ACT Lowlands, just like there were no Eastern Grey Kangaroos in the ACT east of the Murrumbidgee, as a result of constant persecution by farmers and government desperately trying to combat rabbits with rabbit proof fences and the like, but without Myxo. So some good news is that in spite of the mange parasite, wombat populations are thriving now, their spread helped a lot by wildlife carers releasing them into areas that have lacked wombats for most of the 48 years I have been here.

This one might be a sort of opposite case, where suburban development has destroyed its home range. If it really needs help (easy to be wrong about that) there is an abundance of rescuers in Canberra who could be contacted to move it well away so it does not try to return, and to a place with few wombats.
waltraud wrote:
   19 Sep 2023
Go to the map and zoom out; this one of the best illustrations of habitat destruction through urban development and infrastructure.

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Species information

  • Vombatus ursinus Scientific name
  • Common wombat, Bare-nosed Wombat Common name
  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

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  • 1 - 3 Abundance
  • 12 Sep 2023 06:46 PM Recorded on
  • JimL Recorded by

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  • Alive / healthy Animal health
  • Unknown Gender
  • False Wombat has mange

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