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Proteuxoa provisional species 3

Melba, ACT

Proteuxoa provisional species 3 at Melba, ACT - 13 Nov 2020
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Identification history

Proteuxoa provisional species 3 5 Feb 2021 GlennCocking
Proteuxoa (genus) 15 Dec 2020 donhe
Proteuxoa (genus) 15 Dec 2020 GlennCocking
Proteuxoa nycteris 29 Nov 2020 donhe
Unidentified 29 Nov 2020 kasiaaus

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donhe wrote:
   29 Nov 2020
Thoracolopha nycteris ?
ibaird wrote:
   29 Nov 2020
Moths of Victoria Part 9 classify P. nycteris as having the characteristics of a Proteuxoa spp. not as a Thoracolopha species. That is, (for example) it has a reniform mark with two widely separated lobes, not a single dark patch as in T. flexirena or T. verecunda. In fact they group moths with the P. nycteris characteristics as Proteuxoa sp,(5) group - a grouping of species for which they say precise relationships have yet to be worked out. They specifically say: on page 2/3 for the P.sp.(5) group, I quote: "Specimens resembling members of the P.sp.(5) group have been identified as P. nycteris in some websites and collections. However the marking do not appear to match the P, nycteris holotype photo in the ANIC (E.D. Edwards, M. Hewish)." On this evidence I would stick with P. nycteris for now.
donhe wrote:
   30 Nov 2020
Interesting, thanks Ian.
   15 Dec 2020
After discussion offline we agreed to park such specimens under Proteuxoa sp
donhe wrote:
   15 Dec 2020
Thoracolopha sp. ?
ibaird wrote:
   15 Dec 2020
I understood that was for Thoracolopha nycteris, but we are not sure we can reliably identify T. nycteris. Have either of you seen the holotype?

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