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Cygnus atratus

Black Swan at suppressed

Cygnus atratus at suppressed - 25 Nov 2020
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Identification history

Cygnus atratus 28 Nov 2020 Illilanga
Cygnus atratus 26 Nov 2020 michaelb
Fulica atra 26 Nov 2020 TrishGungahlin

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Author's notes

Coots, swans and their chicks and cygnets rush to the edge to be fed bread. Lyall Gillespie Corridor.


Illilanga wrote:
   28 Nov 2020
Please let people know not to feed bread (or any processed human food) to the birds. It is really bad for them and could kill the birds plus it pollutes the water. Thanks.
   28 Nov 2020
There's a faded sign about this on the opposite side of the pond in the Lyall Gillespie Corridor, but none on the side with the boardwalks. There are no signs beside nearby Yerrabi Pond either, where lots of people feed birds near the picnic areas. Which part of the ACT government would take care of such signs? I'd like to contact them.
Illilanga wrote:
   28 Nov 2020
Bummer about the signs. Contact Michael Mulvaney and he can pass on to appropriate people. If you have no luck, let me know and I can pass it on to Canberra Ornithologists Group so they can lobby for more signs. Cheers, Sandra

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Species information

  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

Sighting information

  • 10 Abundance
  • 25 Nov 2020 06:33 AM Recorded on
  • TrishGungahlin Recorded by

Additional information

  • True Nesting site
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