Omoedus marginatus

Tiny Ant-eating Jumper at Uriarra Village, ACT

Omoedus marginatus at Uriarra Village, ACT - 20 Apr 2019
Omoedus marginatus at Uriarra Village, ACT - 20 Apr 2019
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Identification history

Omoedus marginatus 8 Aug 2020 YumiCallaway
Salticidae (family) 21 Apr 2019 KimPullen
Unidentified 20 Apr 2019 Christine

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User's notes

Sooo tiny!


KimPullen wrote:
   22 Apr 2019
Possibly a juvenile.
YumiCallaway wrote:
   8 Aug 2020
Skimming through Whyte & Anderson, I think your individual is a female Omoedus marginatus (p.284). I also considered the possibility for it to be a juv. Euryattus bleekeri (p.242) based solely on colouration and general pattern. However, I think O. marginatus is much more likely as they lack horizontal stripes on the head (unlike the photo of E. bleekeri), other features match quite well, including the notable white patch on the legs which is clearly visible in your photos, and the size fits the 2.5mm the book presents O. marginatus to be (whereas E. bleekeri is 9-11mm; although being a juvenile may accomodate for a smaller size). Also, the distribution of O. marginatus seems to be primarily around QLD, but there has already been a sighting in the ACT (#4232532) and it's not entirely unlikely that the distribution is wider than currently known in literature or for individuals to have been dispersed by human traffic. Feel free to let me know if there seem to be options I haven't considered!
Christine wrote:
   8 Aug 2020
Hi Yumi, having looked at pics of both I agree with your assessment, and commend you on your persistence once again to find an identification. Well done!

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