Pachycephala rufiventris

Rufous Whistler at Greenway, ACT

Pachycephala rufiventris at Greenway, ACT - 5 Jan 2016
Pachycephala rufiventris at Greenway, ACT - 5 Jan 2016
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Pachycephala rufiventris 18 Oct 2017 ChrisDavey
Pachycephala rufiventris 23 Jul 2017 ArcherCallaway

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   24 Jul 2017
Hi Michael,
I don't know what this is exactly but quite sure this is not a Grey Fantail (which is what it has been confirmed as). I will tentatively suggest Rufous Whistler
michaelb wrote:
   24 Jul 2017
Thanks Ryu
I can see I didn't look at it closely enough. The adult grey fantails were hanging around me at the time.

I think you are right, see:

I have done an "Undo" to cancel my ID.

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  • 4 - 15 Abundance
  • 5 Jan 2016 07:56 PM Recorded on
  • michaelb Recorded by

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