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NRF052: Naas Valley Fire Trail 2

Remote FW site, part of a 6 site cluster, close to Mt Clear area/Boboyan Rd : MTC100, MTC121, MTC122, MTC051-  NRF052, NRF055

Along Naas Valley Fire trail, Naas Creek. far south near Mt Clear campground approx15 km one way from road)  Post fire site

Continue from NRF055 up Naas Valley fire trail for a further 4.5km. There are further river crossings, at least 2 (after NRF055). Come to third creek crossing, right before a left hand corner and uphill section of the road. Park, follow the creekline 20 m to get to the Naas River, use waders!

River section is sandy/full of coarse sediment and has no or only very few large rocks

Return the way you came to Mt Clear Campground.

Camp at Mt Clear Campground for two nights to do this cluster (MTC122, MTC051, MTC100, MTC121 (one night), NRF052, NRF055 (other night) or altrnatively camp second night at Horse Gully Hut. NRF055 is 1.5 km from Hut and NRF052  6 km from Hut, Hut is 8.5 km from locked gate


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NRF052: Naas Valley Fire Trail 2

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