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Frogs belong to a group of animals called amphibians. All Australian amphibians are frogs. There are about 4000 frog species worldwide and Australia has 208 frog species; many of these are endemic - that is, they are found nowhere else in the world. Frogs play a key role in many food webs, both as predators and as prey.

There are 19 species and sub-species of native frogs belonging to six genera in the Canberra region. Of these eight species are tree-frogs (genus Litoria) in the family Hylidae referred to as ‘tree frogs and their allies’. Australia has 65 species of Litoria which may be distinguished from other frogs by the presence of horizontal irises and the lack of pigmentation on the eyelids.

The remaining 11 species belong to the family Myobatrachidae and include Crinia (2 species/15 Australian species), Limnodynastes (3 species/11 Australian species), Neobatrachus (one species/10 Australian species), Uperoleia (one species/24 Australian species) and Pseudophryne (4 species/13 Australian species).

To learn more about frogs in the ACT Region, contact Frogwatch ACT and Region, a community frog monitoring and education program (www.ginninderralandcare.org.au) which conducts the highly successful annual Frogwatch census. Another useful website is that of Frogs of Australia (https://frogs.org.au/frogs/, and https://frogs.org.au/frogs/taxonomy.php)

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