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Look out for Key's Matchstick Grasshopper

 16 Oct 2021

Key's Matchstick Grasshopper (Keyacris scurra)

This grasshopper was once very common but has been listed as endangered by the NSW Threatened Species Scientific Committee and a recovery program is being enacted. We would appreciate any records of the species. (See reference.)

It is flightless, and unlike most grasshoppers it is survives and grows through the winter. With the warming weather of spring it becomes more active and breeding occurs. This is a good time to look out for this grasshopper. A good place to look is where there are patches of Kangaroo Grass (Themeda triandra) and its favourite food of the Common Everlasting Daisy (Chrysocephalum apiculatum).

For more information and photos, see:-

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michaelb wrote:
   16 Oct 2021
To search for the grasshopper the method advised by researchers is to walk slowly through suitable feeding habitat during the warm part of the day when the temperature is above about 10 °C while watching for any jumping hoppers being disturbed at your feet. See the paragraph: HUNTING FOR KEY’S MATCHSTICK GRASSHOPPER on this reference:

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