FrogWatch survey at PAI200: Wildflower Triangle Dam

2 species confirmed

FrogWatch survey at PAI200: Wildflower Triangle Dam - 7 Apr 2024
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Identification history

Limnodynastes tasmaniensis 1 5 Jun 2024
Crinia signifera 3 5 Jun 2024
Crinia signifera 3 6 May 2024
Litoria peronii 1 6 May 2024
Limnodynastes tasmaniensis 1 6 May 2024
Uperoleia laevigata 1 6 May 2024

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User's notes

I only heard the Uperoleia before the recording started and the Lymnodynastes and Litoria were in the far distance so may not have been caught by the recording.


AnkeMaria wrote:
   5 Jun 2024
can hear tasmaniensis and signifera well. veery unusual for peronii to call so late in the year but I totally trust your ear

wondering if uperoleia leavigata was actually a C parinsignifera- cold and miserable
AnkeMaria wrote:
   14 Jun 2024
in the end I took the two unusual species out as it seemed too late in the season- U laevigata might have been a threat call of C signifera. Please let me know if you want to further discuss smiles
SarahHnatiuk wrote:
   14 Jun 2024
That is absolutely alright. I had been meaning to contact you to say the two unlikely records should be removed. I'm sorry I was so slow to get round to contacting you.
AnkeMaria wrote:
   18 Jun 2024

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Location information

Location information

Survey information

Additional information

  • 13 Air Temperature
  • 17 Water Temperature
  • 0 Area of exposed soil (Min in Meters)
  • 0 Area of exposed soil (Max in Metres)
  • Sarah Hnatiuk FrogWatch volunteer names
  • Partly cloudy or variable Sky
  • Light breeze - wind direction shown by drift of smoke Wind
  • Unknown Water Depth
  • Pond Nearly Full Overall Pond Level
  • Still (all ponds / dams) Water Flow
  • 1 - 25cm down Vertical Drop
  • Yes, covering <100% of pond Emergent Aquatic Veg
  • Yes, entire edge is vegetated Fringe/Edge Vegetation
  • Yes, providing <100% shade of pond Pond area shaded by trees
  • Yes, >5m from pond Mowing
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