Anisorhynchodemus guttatus (Speckled flatworm)

With paired subterminal eyes anteriorly. In the median line of the dorsal surface is a thin jet black longitudinal stripe bordered on either side by a narrow strip of white-pale grey ground colour sparingly speckled with minute black spots. External to these strips is a broader shining black stripe that extends to the body margin (shining alludes to iridescence that may be exhibited in these broad stripes). The outer margins of these broad stripes may be ragged and broken up into blotches and spots towards the extremities. Beyond this, the lateral margins of the body are lighter coloured pale grey, also irregularly speckled with brown-black spots. The ventral ground colour is whitish, speckled irregularly with numerous minute blackisg dots. Living specimens 20-40 mm long.

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Canberra & Southern Tablelands

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