Entometa apicalis (Gum Snout Moth)

Entometa apicalis and an undescribed species that is like E. fervens have been recorded regularly in the ACT.  The wing patterns of both sexes and both species are quite similar, although the wing shape, antennae, and overall moth size differers between the sexes. The males of the undescribed species are smaller than the males of E. apicalis, they have narrower wings, and are dark brown rather than reddish brown as in the undescribed species; but these differences are hard to see in individual photos.  The females have very similar forewing and hindwing patterns , although the dark lines/spots on the undescribed species' forewings are sharper and darker than on E. apicalis.

Entometa decoralis has also been recorded on Black Mountain, but much less frquently and it has a distinctly different appearance. Entometa fervens has been recorded here only rarely.

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Canberra & Southern Tablelands  |  South Coast

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