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Coltriciella tasmanica


The fruitbody grows on the lower surface of dead wood (or debris) lying on the ground and consists of a pored sheet, 2-3 millimetres thick, that is attached over its entire upper surface to the wood (except that the margins may be free from the wood). The angular pores are large enough to be seen with the naked eye and the fruitbody may cover several square centimetres.


The fruitbody is pale brown to dark rusty brown, soft and fragile and easily removed from the wood.  


The first published description of this species  appeared in 1929 (as Poria tasmanica, with the change to Coltriciella in 1963 ) and was based on material collected from fragments of charcoal in Tasmania. Cunningham (see references) considered it identical to Coltriciella dependens, making Coltriciella tasmanica a synonym, an opinion shared by Buchanan & Ryvarden who studied the original material. However, Nuñez & Ryvarden kept the two species separate, reported Coltriciella tasmanica from Japan and various later workers have also kept that species separate from Coltriciella dependens (a name that may hide a number of cryptic species - see https://canberra.naturemapr.org/Species/45548).



Some of the 'flat' (or resupinate) species of Phellinus (https://canberra.naturemapr.org/Species/39791) are very similar macroscopically, but are firmly attached to wood and have a tough texture. 



Buchanan, P.K. & Ryvarden, L. (1993). Type studies in the Polyporaceae 24. Species described by Cleland, Rodway and Cheel, Australian Systematic Botany, 6, 215-35.

Cunningham, G.H. (1965). Polyporaceae of New Zealand, Government Printer, Wellington.

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Coltriciella tasmanica at Black Mountain - 9 Sep 2020 by tpreston
Coltriciella tasmanica at Black Mountain - 9 Sep 2020 by tpreston


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  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
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  • 695m Recorded at altitude

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