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Lentinellus pulvinulus

The fruitbody is a stemless mushroom. The fan-shaped, light brown cap grows directly from its woody substrate and may reach over 2 centimetres in diameter. It is mostly smooth, except for some hairiness close to the point of attachment to the wood. The white gills are fairly well-spaced and their edges are markedly serrate, so that they seem to bear numerous flat, irregularly shaped teeth.


The fruitbodies grow in various habitats and usually they appear in groups or clusters.


The first published description of this species (as Lentinus pulvinulus) appeared in 1859, based on material collected in Tasmania.



The combination of a pale brown, stemless cap and 'toothed' white gills should make this quite distinctive. Lentinellus ursinus/castoreus (some consider the second name a synonym of the first) has closely-packed gills that are finely lacerate and the cap surface is hairier

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Lentinellus pulvinulus at Cotter River, ACT - 21 Apr 2022 by KenT
Lentinellus pulvinulus at Cotter River, ACT - 21 Apr 2022 by KenT

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