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Austrosuccinea macgillivrayi

Macgillivray's Ambersnail

Usually associated with damp areas such as ephemeral or permanent swamps, puddles etc. It occurs around coastal swamps and ponds but is also widespread west of the ranges and through the central and southern tablelands, New England and western NSW districts. Juveniles often cluster under the loose bark of eucalypts. The relationship of this species to the southern Austrosuccinea australis remains unknown but they may be one and the same. 

Shell up to 15mm, light yellow brown to orange brown sometimes with pigment blotches on animal visible through the shell. Coarse axial growth lines on shell. 4 whorls, thin, delicate, translucent, spire short to moderately elevated, body wall inflated, whorls rounded, aperture wide. Animal grey-green to orange-brown with reticulations on body and mantle. 

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Austrosuccinea macgillivrayi (Macgillivray's Ambersnail) at Mount Clear, ACT - 23 Oct 2021 by Harrisi
Austrosuccinea macgillivrayi (Macgillivray's Ambersnail) at Mount Clear, ACT - 23 Oct 2021 by Harrisi

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Species information

  • Austrosuccinea macgillivrayi Scientific name
  • Macgillivray's Ambersnail Common name
  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive
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