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Artioposthia howitti

Howitt's planarian

Eyes contour the anterior tip and continue posteriorly in a staggered sub-marginal row. Colour and markings highly variable. Dorsum strongly convex, ventrally flat, tapering anteriorly, terminating more bluntly posteriorly. Ground colour of the dorsal surface yellowish white. In the mid dorsum is a broad longitudinal strip of ground colour, bordered on each side by paired lateral dorsal stripes of about an equal width of dark purplish brown (though this can vary from a light to dark brown colour), bordered externally by a broader band of ground colour thickly flecked with brown striae and flecks, external to which is a thin strip of ground colour. Ventral surface pale yellowish, white or grey with no markings. Living specimens up to 50 mm long and 5 mm wide. Can be fast moving. 

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Artioposthia howitti (Howitt's planarian) at Farringdon, NSW - 3 Sep 2019 by Christine
Artioposthia howitti (Howitt's planarian) at Farringdon, NSW - 3 Sep 2019 by Christine

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Species information

  • Artioposthia howitti Scientific name
  • Howitt's planarian Common name
  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive
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