Chenopodium murale

Nettle-leaf Goosefoot at The Fair, Watson

Chenopodium murale at The Fair, Watson - 15 May 2024
Chenopodium murale at The Fair, Watson - 15 May 2024
Chenopodium murale at The Fair, Watson - 15 May 2024
Chenopodium murale at The Fair, Watson - 15 May 2024
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Identification history

Chenopodium murale 17 May 2024 abread111
Chenopodium album 16 May 2024 abread111
Chenopodiastrum murale 15 May 2024 SteveBorkowskis
Unidentified 15 May 2024 SteveBorkowskis

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User's notes

GPS was wrong on one of the photos, have adjusted to correct location 35.22768° S, 149.17203° E


abread111 wrote:
   16 May 2024
VicFlora uses seed characters to distinguish between C. album and C. murale
Seed acutely keeled around equator, dull, finely pitted; pericarp persistent C. murale
Seed obtuse around equator, shining, smooth; pericarp easily detached from seed C. album
There was another plant in the area identified as C. album recently - see Chenopodium album (Fat Hen), which clearly had hairs on the underside of the leaves. PlantNet uses the hairs as a distinguishing feature as well as the seed.
So maybe your sighting is C. murale as I cannot see hairs anywhere, only the occasional white fleck which could be a hair.
waltraud wrote:
   17 May 2024
C album is around see Chenopodium album (Fat Hen)
abread111 wrote:
   17 May 2024
Yes, I know - cited it in my comment above -link somehow got lost. But C. murale is not on our flora list or the Census. So I think I had better go find this plant and get a sample.
I did this and am now confident that it is C. murale, no hairs anywhere, looked at seeds which are grey and match those shown in VicFlora. Will put up some more photos, and take sample to Herbarium and I am pressing one plant in case the Herbarium wants one.
So well done Steve - a new species for Mt M, and possibly for the ACT!
   17 May 2024
Thanks Barbara, I’m interested to see what the herbarium comes back with. I thought perhaps it might be C. album growing in an unusual way in the sheltered high nutrient area beneath the Exocarpos, but it was quite different to any C. album I’ve seen before, the ‘nettle-like’ appearance and the more exaggerated toothed margins to the leaves seemed more like C. murale.
abread111 wrote:
   18 May 2024
I have found there is one record for C. murale from Canberra in ALA from 2019, maps to a paddock between Whitlam and Kama, has herbarium number CANB 916167.1 and was collected from a sheep camp area.
And there is another one from Scottsdale Conservation Reserve at Bredbo collected by Rosemary Purdie in 2012 CANB 808719.1

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