Eulamprus heatwolei

Yellow-bellied Water Skink at Paddys River, ACT

Eulamprus heatwolei at Paddys River, ACT - 9 Nov 2022
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Eulamprus heatwolei 15 Nov 2022 wombey
Eulamprus tympanum 14 Nov 2022 wombey
Pseudemoia spenceri 14 Nov 2022 SWishart

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User's notes

A few around smokers loop / square rock track. Each on its own rock or log


wombey wrote:
   14 Nov 2022
Would like Will to confirm this
BrianLR wrote:
   15 Nov 2022
golden ridge line above eye, as well as slimmer build indicate heatwolei. Additionally, whilst both sp. occur around square rock, tympanum are mainly restricted to the bogs, with most of the woodland heatwolei dominated.
wombey wrote:
   15 Nov 2022
Also there seems to be no white on anterior of ear opening so happy to agree with Brian.
WillO wrote:
   15 Nov 2022
Yes agreed - heatwolei
SWishart wrote:
   15 Nov 2022
Ta muchly - one day I will stun all reptile moderators by correctly iding all my sightings

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  • 1 Abundance
  • 9 Nov 2022 02:26 PM Recorded on
  • SWishart Recorded by

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