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Araujia sericifera

Moth Plant at O'Malley, ACT

Araujia sericifera at O'Malley, ACT - 2 Jul 2021
Araujia sericifera at O'Malley, ACT - 2 Jul 2021
Araujia sericifera at O'Malley, ACT - 2 Jul 2021
Araujia sericifera at O'Malley, ACT - 2 Jul 2021
Araujia sericifera at O'Malley, ACT - 2 Jul 2021
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Identification history

Araujia sericifera 15 Jul 2021 Tapirlord

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Significant sighting

Tapirlord noted:
15 Jul 2021

Nasty weed we are trying to eradicate from the ACT

User's notes

Rather large moth vine infestation by Hindmarsh drive, plants are entrenched among acacia boormani, so anyone trying to remove these has their work cut out for them!! :)


   15 Jul 2021
Thanks Tapirlord an important discovery - have asked about control.
   15 Jul 2021
Well spotted. It is an eradication target in the ACT. Predicted to spread with climate change.
Mike wrote:
   17 Jul 2021
Remove the fruit first. Scrape the stems and paint with glyphosate.
   17 Jul 2021
Thanks Mike will do probably tomorrow if teh rain holds off
Mike wrote:
   18 Jul 2021
Picked about 50 fruit and scraped and poisoned 8 plants. I might have missed some among all the acacia stems and other weeds but at least the infestation has been reduced significantly.
   18 Jul 2021
Thanks Mike much appreciated - I was about to go out the door to do the same job but got caught up in a Red Hill matter
   22 Jul 2021
went to site today and had a good hunt - found and treated six seedlings but there are probably more hidden in bushes and grass growth
Mike wrote:
   22 Jul 2021
I knew there must have been seedlings but I was in between Waterwatch sites and couldn't spend much time. It seems as though when mulch gets overgrown it no longer gets maintained.

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  • 5 Abundance
  • 2 Jul 2021 11:10 AM Recorded on
  • Tapirlord Recorded by

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