Araujia sericifera

Moth Plant at Isaacs, ACT

Araujia sericifera at Isaacs, ACT - 14 Jan 2018
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Araujia sericifera 14 Jan 2018 BettyDonWood
Araujia sericifera 14 Jan 2018 Mike

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Time for it to be removed.


   15 Jan 2018
Mike - I think ACTPS tried to kill this plant last year - thanks for checking whether we were successful or not. Steve I think Scott Seymour was going to tackle this - would be interesting to know what techniques that tried
   15 Jan 2018
We are finding that best control method is stem-scrape with Vigilant II gel. Re-sprouting has happened with other treatments. Will put it on the list of jobs but fairly overwhelmed at the moment with urgent tasks.
Mike wrote:
   15 Jan 2018
I have just dug it out. There was only one stem but it was growing quickly.
   16 Jan 2018
Thanks Mike - much appreciated

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  • Araujia sericifera Scientific name
  • Moth Plant Common name
  • Not Sensitive
  • Exotic
  • Noxious or High Risk Weed or Pest
  • Up to 762.57m Recorded at altitude
  • 96 images trained Machine learning
  • In flower
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