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Ranunculus sp.

Buttercup at Booth, ACT

Ranunculus sp. at Booth, ACT - 23 Jun 2017
Ranunculus sp. at Booth, ACT - 23 Jun 2017
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Identification history

Ranunculus sp. 26 Jun 2017 BettyDonWood
Ranunculus sp. 26 Jun 2017 BettyDonWood
Ranunculus inundatus 23 Jun 2017 Varanus
Ranunculus amphitrichus 23 Jun 2017 BettyDonWood
Unidentified 23 Jun 2017 LukeJ

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Varanus wrote:
   24 Jun 2017
It's a bit difficult to ascertain the leaf diameter.
   24 Jun 2017
Inundatus has leaves 1-3.5 cm diameter. Amphitrichus has leaves 1-10 cm diameter. What was the leaf diameter?
Petal length in amphitrichus is 3-5 mm, and in inundatus is 5-7 mm. The character that separates these two species in the keys in both Plantnet and Vicflora is the shape of the nectary (that produces nectar) at the base of the petals. This needs at least a hand lens to see. In inundatus, the nectary has a distinct llobe which is attached at its sides for at least half its length to form a pocket. In amphitrichus, the nectary has no lobe, but has a thick curved edge. You probably need to wait till it flowers and take photos of flowers front on and side on, and provide the measurement of petal length.

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Urtica sp. (Nettle) at Booth, ACT - 23 Jun 2017 by LukeJ
Urtica sp. (Nettle) at Booth, ACT - 23 Jun 2017 by LukeJ

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  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

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  • 101 - 1,000 Abundance
  • 23 Jun 2017 11:08 AM Recorded on
  • LukeJ Recorded by

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  • Less than 10cm Plant height

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