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Stinkhorns, radiating arms atop a stem



At maturity, a fruitbody of a fungus in this sub-group consists of a stem with radiating, red arms at the top – giving a star-like look. The two species thus far known from the Canberra Nature Map area are:


Aseroe rubra: The arms are markedly forked and the spore slime is at the centre of the star.


Clathrus  archeri: The arms taper (rarely forking a little) and the spore slime is along the arms.



Initially the arms Clathrus  archeri arms are joined at their apices and at times you will see some weak connecting tissue between the apices of neighbouring arms. Don’t mistake a partially open Clathrus for one of the cage-like stinkhorns.


In the genus Lysurus (see Stinkhorns – other:  https://canberra.naturemapr.org/Community/Categories/Guide/1727) the fruitbody has short arms atop a stem and the arms either remain vertical or open out only slightly.


No species currently exist here.

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