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NatureMapr update

 19 Jul 2021

Hi All,

Just a really quick update to keep the communication flowing.

NatureMapr's vision remains:

For anybody to be able to report a sighting anywhere in Australia in under a minute and be able to get that information through to the people that need to know about it

The team have been working 24/7 again on some major structural updates to the platform to move us all to a global taxonomy that is shared between all projects.

  • Version 1 is now live, hence you have likely noticed some species either missing and/or moving around a bit.
  • We are working on version 2 which introduces improved tools for editing and maintaining species across projects.

For moderators and administrators, you will notice in the Species > Latest taxonomy updates page, the changes you're seeing now reflect changes to the global NatureMapr taxonomy...

The new NatureMapr mobile app is literally 1-2 weeks away from launch. It is VERY close. Please stay tuned, we are hugely excited about it. The experience will be much more streamlined and user friendly than the old app and the single app will allow you to report from any region without needing to download slow and heavy region specific information.

We are also excited to confirm that the Noosa Nature Map has now received seed funding from the Noosa Environmental Education Hub.

Special acknowledgements

Thank you so much to Jen Smits, Michael Bedingfield and Alison Milton for their enormous assistance in testing the changes. Jen basically donated her entire weekend (one of many) and Michael B is an absolute trojan who wakes up every day and contributes so much of his time to helping us make continuous improvements to the platform.

Alison has kindly offered to assist with testing as well and her contributions have been invaluable already.

Gaelian Ditchburn has single handedly redeveloped the NatureMapr mobile app and has been doing an incredible job. I can't wait to show it to you.

I would also like to acknowledge the efforts of my colleague Pat McNamara for helping us fast track many of these changes over the past couple of months. Pat's contributions to the improvement of the platform have been incredible within a really short time frame.

Thank you to Matthew Frawley for running our social media channels and as always to the incredible moderator community that provide the passion and expertise that makes NatureMapr possible.

Stay tuned, there is much more to come.


   19 Jul 2021
Exciting times. Fantastic effort from everyone behind the scenes.
   20 Jul 2021
Thanks for all you do Matthew!
   20 Jul 2021
Great work team, thanks for the update @AaronClausen! Can't wait for the new app. Onwards and upwards :)

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