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FungusAscomycete - apothecial

Cup fungus


An apothecium is a fruit body that, when viewed from above is generally more-or-less circular in outline. There are many genera of apothecium-producing fungi and apothecia range from less than a millimetre to 10 centimetres in diameter. An apothecium may be disc-like, saucer-like or with much greater curvature so as mimic a cup or urn. Some have stems others lack stems; some have marginal roughness or hairs, others are smooth. They come in a wide variety of colours but the larger ones (say more than 2 centimetres across) are generally dull-coloured in shades of brown.     


They are also known as discomycetes.


They grow on various substrates (e.g. soil, dead or live wood, dead leaves, dung, doormats, carpets) in a wide variety of habitats.  


They are classed as ‘local native’ on Canberra Nature Map but that is only because it is necessary to choose just one conservation level. It is undoubtedly the case that introduced species, naturally widespread species and endemic species occur in our region.


I have created this category on Canberra Nature Map to act as a repository for those photographs of apothecial fungi that, though not immediately identifiable with any confidence, are too good to discard.    


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Ascomycete - apothecial at Black Mountain - 21 Jun 2014
Ascomycete - apothecial at Black Mountain - 21 Jun 2014

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Ascomycete - apothecial

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