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CNM becomes NatureMapr on Twitter

 18 May 2018

Hi NatureMappers,

Due to our growth, the existing Twitter account for Canberra Nature Map ( has now become ( and features tweets from Canberra Nature Map, Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness and Atlas of Life Budawang Coast. Our next goal is 2000 followers!

Ultimately the convergence of this account means a more diverse mix of amazing sighting tweets across the 3 projects and more exposure for the collective group and for the work we're doing.

I would like to give a special shout out to Matthew Frawley ( for the brilliant job he does as our Social Media Manager for NatureMapr. Matthew has been widely noted as one of the best citizen science social media users in Australia and we are extremely privileged to have him working with us.




   19 May 2018
I would be interested to hear from anyone who uses CNM, ALCW and ALBC on whether they also use the Twitter feed to keep abreast of sightings and whether they have any feedback on how it operates.
   20 May 2018
Hi Matt - although a member of all three naturemapr groups, I don't use twitter. Never have and don't expect I ever will.
michaelb wrote:
   21 May 2018
Hi Matt - I am of the same sentiments as Harvey.
   21 May 2018
I'm not a Twitter user.
michaelb wrote:
   21 May 2018
Hi Matthew - I didn't mean to be negative - I totally support and encourage what you are doing with Twitter - but I get lost in that world.
RodDeb wrote:
   22 May 2018
We don't use Twitter either.
   22 May 2018
Hey, no hard feelings re Twitter. It's a strange place but the goal is to get more people interested in what lies behind the tweets i.e. CNM et al and then actually joining and submitting observations. Just a means to an end. If you are already using CNM or the others then there isn't a whole lot to gain from following it on Twitter.
WalterEgo wrote:
   23 May 2018
I enjoy CNM updates appearing in my Twitter feed. I wonder whether the tweets may be more accessible to the general public if they always included the common name, rather than just the scientific name? I think currently the common name is included for confirmed sightings, but not for unconfirmed sightings. (The same is true of sightings on the website, where I also think it would be beneficial to always have the common name included.)

I would also love to see a CNM instagram - such a photo-reliant platform seems perfect for naturemapr.
   25 May 2018
Thanks for your comments WalterEgo, definitely agree about the common name always being included. Have thought about going on Instagram as well, just need to find the time.
KMcCue wrote:
   25 May 2018
Twitter is not in my lexicon
   26 May 2018
Matthew, I would like to echo Aaron's comments about your work with social media :)
My Twitter feed is confined to the naturalists' world (and climate change) and there is all sorts of interesting research comes up on there. I can also pass anything of interest to the organisations I belong to.
ibaird wrote:
   1 Jun 2018
For the record I'm only a limited, passive Twitter user, using it mainly for keeping up to date with selected commentators on politics. But how you use any social medium is up to the user and it can be tuned to pick up natural history posts by preference of course. I find selected Facebook group postings as equally if not more informative on natural history generally (e.g. FNCV of Victoria, Birds Australia etc. etc.

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